Love Locks: Eternal Symbol Or Nuisance in Alpharetta, GA?

There are many ways you can profess your love. Flowers, greeting cards or a small gift are all acceptable tokens. However, if you travel anywhere in the world, you might come across the opportunity to place a lovelock on a bridge or fence. Lovelocks are padlocks that you write you and your partner’s initials on. You then lock that lock onto the bridge or fence and literally throw away the key. It’s a sweet gesture that would probably have more meaning if you were to return to that spot at a future date and find your lock. However, don’t count on that happening. There is a growing concern among the local municipalities that lovelocks are ruining the look and the structure of these landmarks.


Fancy Work Done By This Months Locksmith Pros

In Paris, the iconic Pont des Arts Bridge is crammed with lovelocks. A few years ago, all the locks mysteriously disappeared overnight. The locals caused an uproar. The city managers denied involvement. Later, the locks turned up in an art student’s sculpture. On the Vodootvodny Canal in Moscow, city planners put in iron trees along the bride walkway. This is where the lovelocks go. Over in Florence, locksmiths were called in to remove 5,500 lovelocks from the Ponte Vecchio. In Bambery, Germany city officials actually encouraged placing lovelocks on the Kettenbrucke then they had a change of opinion when those locks started to rust and ordered them to be take down. Chances are you’ll still find plenty of spots around the world where you can add a lovelock. Just don’t be surprised if the lock comes down. Of course, if you want to start your own lovelock craze, then find an empty spot for a lock. You’ll be amazed at how quickly others follow along.

Speaking of lovelocks, the other way you can show your love is by making sure your home locks are strong and secure. Your family will certainly appreciate that you’ve taken extra precautions with regard to home security. Even though your neighborhood is consider safe, there is nothing wrong with being proactive when it comes to your home security. That’s where the certified locksmiths working with a reliable locksmith in alpharetta, GA will come into play.

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This idea of protecting your home also extends you your business. Alpharetta Lock Pros offer a wide range of commercial locksmith services including security gate repair, new lock installation and rekeying. Our experienced locksmiths can also make duplicate keys right on the spot.

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